Friday, January 13, 2017


I always in a dilemma when choosing the right title for a blog post.
Cause i have to choose the right title and it has to related with the post.

This post will mainly focus on my last photo shoot i had with my friend (Devin and Mardy) - They are actually a food photographer and yes you guys can visit their Instagram just click on their name, it will direct you guys to their Instagram page and tons of finger licking good shot that will make your stomach grumbling.

Street style always been my favorite, it doesn't really look feminine and have a touch of boyish. It's like pop out in my head that wore that sneakers than heels. But some street style play more to chic than boyish such as ripped jeans match with heels and add gorgeous necklace with plain t shirt, floppy hat. Mine is more to boyish, playful and young.

When we are in love with fashion, age is not big matter for our fashion game. I can look young or classy, its up to us. I am 23 soon turning 24 this year, but i still love looking young and playful rather than wearing office pants. 

A little talk for this title, Why i named this post "Stay" ?
Stay can mean in a good way and bad way. It can be ambiguous. Stay as who you are with that positive attitude or Stay bad as you are now. For me i want to stay young, i want the best people in my life stay with me. Stay good and Leave the bad habit of mine, Change to be better not worst. And for the people who chose to stay with me, i am grateful. Even we are far apart, just so you know i will stay and be there for you when you need me. This title will be my reminder for 2017.

Back to the main topic.
This look is inspired by some Korean drama that i watched, and when i received this dope oversize bomber jacket from my best-friend - Melissa, right away i know i have to match it with my crop hoodie which give a bit touch of hippie vibes. But to make it more playful and young vibes, i pair it with my favorite tennis skirt. And of course sneakers to make it perfect.

F/W seasons moving forward to S/S seasons, and in the midst of it hoodies has been on the trend, and every fashion lover must know that its a must have item in this seasons with range from oversize hoodies (or you can steal it from your boyfriend), crop or any hoodies. Its very comfortable, and effortless. And 2016 its a year for Adidas "again", well even i didn't get the chance to purchase NMD as long as i got Adidas sneaker - it's good enough for me. And my favorite Adidas Baseball Cap (My favorite hat piece). Don't you think it just match? When you match your outfit with the same brand especially athletic brand, sometimes it just weird when you wear Nike sneakers but you pair it with Adidas hat. I did that before, since that time i didn't own any Adidas sneakers but now I do ! Looking forward for more sneaker collection this year.


All picture credit to Mardy! Thanks for this dope shoot and looking forward for the next photo-shoot.

Hoodies - HM // 
Bomber Jacket - Gift from my bestfriend // 
Tennis Skirt - Kel and Tai // 
Sneakers and Hat - Adidas // 
Bag - ZARA //

Veronyca Sufry

Monday, January 2, 2017

Resolution 2017

Its already the end of the year,
yet i feel like i have achieved half of my resolution and don't.
But whatever, we still have time to rewrite and try again if we fail, right? :)

My 2016, what can i say?
I love this year cause as i get older and met new people along the way, i know more about people different perspectives from teenager, young adult, adult or elders. There is no one right or wrong, and we are not allowed to judge people. I listen to interesting stories from people i knew and learn bit by bit from it. I am grateful that i am able to help people that are gems to me. I experience the feeling of finally working and say goodbye to my university life. Able to realize that people are changing from good to worst - bad to become better and mature. I do feel myself are changing too become a better person, yet i still can't leave my bad habit of over thinking and depressed. I am getting used to of meeting my boyfriend only once a week with a limited time, my boyfriend is a chef. I feel more independent, i can go anywhere i want without overly attached to my boyfriend like i used to - that should be something i am proud of. I know more about Alzheimer disease and yes we really have to give extra care to the patients and give more love, try to control our emotion even if we stressed out (p.s: still in progress of controlling my emotion). Friends are like gems to me, and it's really hard to find a true friends that stay by your side these days so don't put your ego on the first place, try to forgive each other. I got my next year Coldplay tickets! I plan my future life time-line. Unexpectedly, I found one best-est friends that i can be crazy with, honest, trust or i categorized it as my family with a plot twist of how we actually start being a friend from annoying into one of the best people i know (fyi i clearly remember the first thing you asked me about) become the best people for each other and have a special bond - you know who you are clumsy brother. I met and reunited with my soul sister frenemies bestfriend (Another best-est people in my life) in Bali, ok its's you melissa chen - remember nothing change us even we are apart my bff. I visit my my brother and sister place. I travel to Jakarta, Bali, Las Vegas, LA and Seattle. I learn how to become a mentor. I learn how to do make up especially drawing my eye brow (perfection is still in progress). I still can't let go my love for street style. In relationship with boyfriend for two and half years. I am currently have been working for one and a half years! I learn a lot about SAP which is very funny of me cause i once never wanted to become an IT specialist or functional. I still have a strong career goal! I become a more outspoken person and open minded, yes cause i able to speak out to my family how i really feel and my view. I am grateful to know wonderful people and spend time with them like Adrian's grandpa. I attend my first wedding invitation from my best friends or he is like my brothers, it was an exciting and happy feeling. I did exchange gift with my girlfriends 10 years and counting! cause we never know when we can reunited again next year. And a little party won't hurt too in 2016. I experience my colleague first pregnancy mood swing sitting beside her HAHA. Bucket list checked on finally visiting The Wizarding world of Harry Potter (fyi: since junior high school wish list). First time learn how to change toddler diaper or to be specific my 1 year old niece. Babysitting my niece for 5 Days - yes mission accomplished. This time i did not hesitate to color my hair grey and now it became blondes. First time i miss a flight in overseas, and had to buy new tix. Turning 23! My boyfriend make a little surprise in the midnight of my birthday, he gave me a blue rose since he is sucker for flower :P ! First time doing backpacker thingy with mom in LA, when we actually only the two of us travel from airport to downtown using public bus, google map and whatever we can do to survive in LA for A day. Oh yeah, and i met my university friends this year: Doris, Rina, Tiffany (OMG i miss you guys and the others.. really hope to meet and reunited with my other malaysia gang - you know who you are)

That's a recap of my 2016!

It's been a wonderful journey that filled up and down stories and thank you for everyone that staying with me and completing this 2016 journey. Looking forward for the better and wiser version of me in 2017.

Resolution for 2017:
- Can i rewrite it? I want to lose some weight :') flat tummy please.
- Being wiser and mature.
- Career goal.
- Less care of something i shouldn't be involved.
- Independent and not overly attached to people
- Doing what i love and i think right - follow my heart.
- Learn how to drive.
- Travel with the best-est people (family, bf and friends) in my life.
- Spend more time with my family.
- Stop over think and depressed over a small thing, procrastinating work.
- Focus on one activities or hobby that i want to learn.
- Learn at least one foreign languages like spanish or korean?.
- Do good and good will come to you.
- Be open, no more hiding my opinions.
- Save and Get more money.
- Speak up.
- Follow my passion.

by listing all of my resolutions, I aim to be a better version of me not to be perfect. cause nobody is perfect and we are just human, we do mistakes and learn - isn't it?

Here is the highlight for all the memories in 2016.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Los Angeles

Family times
Taylors Almuni Reunited

Reunited with my babes in jakarta

What is she talking? HAHA

Being adventurous with my frenemies melissa
Second visit of Hollywood boulevard

Traveling with my family

My sis and niece

Visiting Seattle - checked !

Another good ramen  - yumm

Visiting Las Vegas - Checked !

Partner In Crime

Keona 1st Birthday

Bucket list checked, hi hogwarts ! 
Me and mom against the world HAHA that backpacker thingy day in LA!
Attending Erwin's Wedding

Late valentine celebration and sudden surprise from my chef

Silver hair

Awesome colleagues makes office complete

Trying butterbeer for the first time !

Keeping up with unconditional love for my street style
My forever little brother

One of the best couple photo that we had in 2016
Turning 23

Reunited with my frenemies

First time & First photo meeting my niece

Celebrating grandma birthday in jakarta

last exchange gift in the last day of 2016 with awesome peeps!
Swagging up with my best friends

You've been good 2016
Memorable trip of 2016

Hello 2017, I am ready for new chapter of my life.

“People may come and go,lives may change in a instant,but love and friendship will last forever.”

Veronyca Sufry

Happy New Year 2017

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Perfect Strangers

Hey peeps !

How you guys doin?! Well, I have been trying to live my life to the fullest by spending more time with friends. And well, it turns out quite well ! I never thought a strangers can be your close friends and people who i can be crazy with !!! As most of the fresh graduate like suffering from (graduation-syndrome) *iwannagobacktothosesleeplessnight* *imissmyuniversitylife* *imissmalaysia* *ishouldhavespendmoretimeandyolo* , well ready or not we (include me) have to be realistic and give a farewell to those incredible university life ! This syndrome always come back especially when we are to stressed in the workplace, duh!

And finally after spending more time with friends, meet up with new friends - socializing, its getting easier to escape from that syndrome. And i never know that even in a workplace i can find lots of good friend, and even a best friend in this young adult age of me ! LOL maybe it sounds weird, young adult age of me ....

Well, work life - sometimes it good when everything go smooth and well planned but sometimes it turns meh.. especially in closing week *geez*, and i never expect i have work for 1 and a half year ! turning from junior/freshman into a senior and become a mentor.. ok mentor (funny but its true). Ok so to getaway from my work life, travel still the best remedies for all of us. And last september, I went to USA to visits my sis and brother.. so guess what?! i have a picture to post in blog !! Yayyy..
And i am planning to share it one by one.

First travel diaries ootd will be in seattle ! Cause i love seattle and the sweater weather .. since its autumn over there and its getting colder, so perfect for sweater and boots ! Seattle is a beautiful city, a very peaceful yet sometimes too gloomy for me. And its always raining like everyday..
I still left my heart in Seattle cause the nature..will plan my next visit to Seattle again and stay longer there cause my next checklist is hiking YAY ! Nature is like a perfect strangers for me and so do my friends (you guys know who you are).

For today post, i am gonna share my ootd with actually a men sweater and actually it is from my boyfriend. He got me cause i really love green army and i keep asking him to buy one so i can borrow it from him, but surprisingly he bought me one too ! Planning to wear it with him, when we go to the movies but whatever let me wear it first in USA ! haha.

And my leather jacket is a birthday present from my boyfriend too, i have been wanting to get leather jacket like ever since and finally...drumroll this year i got it ! yayyy !!

 The location of this shoot is somewhere in seattle around granite falls, a lot places for hike and yes its cold and the weather is really funny can be rainy and in just 5 mins it can turn sunny. but still I LOVE SEATTLE and the nature. And this river is my sister secret hideaway for picnic-ING in summer (fun fact).

Hat: H&M // Sweater: H&M // Short: Cotton On // Socks & Boots: H&M // Leather jacket: ZARA

Me & My Sis (mom's doppelganger)

My photographer

Anyway its almost the end of 2016, Let's write down your new year resolution very soon !
And Merry Christmas !

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Veronyca Sufry